The ultimate performance metronome for musicians


Live Performance & Beyond

Designed for live music environments such as houses of worship, music venues, and other performance environments, Q LIVE is the ultimate performance metronome for musicians. While we designed it to be used live we believe that it has the capacity to reach far beyond the stage into group rehearsal, personal practice, studio recordings, music lessons, and more.
This iPhone app is the product of years of experience working with FOH and worship teams in churches. As the band and production played a more central role in the worship service we began to ask ourselves a series of questions. What if there was a way to empower musicians to rehearse more accurately? What if they could practice to the same count-in, click, and pad that they’ll be hearing on Sunday morning? What if you didn’t need a computer to run count-in, click, and pads? What if you could go on vacation and anyone could run with starting & stopping the count-in, click, and pads?

What if there was an app that combined all three AND it was easy to use?

That was the question we couldn’t get away from. So we built the first-ever performance metronome explicitly designed for worship leaders and their teams. Meet Q LIVE.

We think that Q LIVE will help you plan better, rehearse better, and play together better - faster than ever before. Instead of it taking 30-60 minutes (or longer!) to build out your set clicks, cues, and pads, it takes 3-5 minutes. The intuitive interface allows for use by all ages, which means anyone on your worship team can run it. Anyone. This is the metronome app you’ve been waiting for, and we can’t wait for you to use it.

Stand Out Features

"1-2, 1-2-3-4!"

Count-in cue gives you the option to verbally count, have the drummer click sticks, or keep the atmosphere and simply let your sound speak for itself.

Metronome Mute

There are situations when things just go wrong. For those (rare) moments we've added a mute for the metronome. Stop the click. Save the vibe. Be a Hero.

Tap Tempo

Our industry first live tap tempo allows flexibility when the moment calls for it. Tap is also a great way to feel out a song as you're building it out.

Break It Down

Often the key element to finding the groove, beat subdivision is crucial for any metronome and we built it right in as a real-time accessible feature.

Pads Create Atmosphere

Pads are basically a member of the band these days. They give musicians the flexibility to play less, listen more, and achieve an overall more cohesive sound. Pads give small bands more presence and larger bands greater dynamic range. We can't wait for you to hear these pads!

Timing Is Everything

Time Signature is the new creative color of music. Q LIVE allows your band to choose from nine different time signatures for ultimate flexibility to either adapt to your favorite cover or compliment your latest creative idea.

Top Layer Control

All of the transport functionality you need is right at your fingertips in Q LIVE. We wanted you to feel confident about starting, stopping, and advancing your setlist from the playback view without having to break concentration.

Balance The Sound

Finding just the right mix of clicks, count-in, and pads is easy with the onboard mixer. You can also choose between three different metronome sounds designed to cut through your IEM mix and keep everyone together.
Plan faster than ever
Play better together


Our Vision

We want to empower musicians with innovative and boundary-pushing tools that create new possibilities inside of known contexts. We believe this will help them connect faster to their creativity, so that they connect with their audience in a way that creates a deeply impactful artistic encounter.

The Future

Q LIVE is just the beginning. Built on the powerful platform AudioKit, we plan to launch a suite of apps for iOS and Mac OS in the coming year. Each one of these apps is being engineered to make it easier to plan and lead worship than ever before.
Finalize your set in seconds
Focus on music for hours
The ultimate performance
metronome for musicians